RhVoice Logo - Green disk with RHVoice in white

Text To Speech

We build and operate Text-To-Speech applications using the RHVoice system.

Please visit our sister-site, RHVoice.org for details of how you can build your own applications, create new voices, and contribute to the Open Source project.

Currently we support only an Android App.

The App is free, but we do plan to add optional, premium features to support the continued free services and the Open Source development project.


The current version of our Android App is built using the RHVoice Open Source code available on GitHub. We maintain a version available on the Google Play store.

Windows and Linux

SAPI and NVDA voices are supplied by various developers. Please go to RHVoice.org for directions.

You can build your own Linux TTS from the RHVoice GitHub repo.

About Us

We are Non-Routine LLC, which also supports the development of sponsored, free voices by Louder Pages, and the Open Source RHVoice.org